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After more than 20 years of teaching experience we can offer you effective and quality learning. We design content as it adapts to the needs of your organization. We have found that practice and theory are just as important. We start your team through workshops where you practice each of the techniques learned. The exercises are drawn from your own environment and based on situations that are useful for your organization.


Examples of Butts Associates training:


  1. Conflict resolution of the company: Concepts, tools, and strategies for interaction with customers and suppliers


  1. Prevention, management, and resolution of conflict in family business: Concepts, planning and design, processes, protocols, effective communication, and good management


  1. Prevention, management, and conflict resolution in health systems and organizations: Concepts, planning and design, processes and protocols to implement internal programs in your organization..


  1. Resolution of conflicts in the work: Concepts, tools, techniques and internal programs of resolution of conflicts in the workplace..


  1. Resolution of conflicts for teams: Concepts, planning and design, processes, effective communication, collaborative negotiation and good horizontal or hierarchical management for your team.


  1. Resolution of conflicts for leaders: Concepts and styles of leadership, from leader to leader, effective communication, motivation, coaching, collaborative negotiation and constructive resolution of conflicts.


  1. The effective communication for the company: Concepts, strategies and techniques for the communication with your suppliers, clients and workers.


  1. Management of strong emotions. Concepts, strategies and techniques in interactive and practical training.


  1. Negotiation for entrepreneurs: Concepts, strategies and techniques to improve the skills of your team, to get your interests in the negotiation.


  1. Ombudsman: Internal department of management and resolution of conflicts. Concepts, program design, and training.


  1. Resolution of conflicts for the intermediate command: Concepts, strategies and techniques. (Constructive Management of Conflict)



These courses are taught in your organization or in our headquarters for your team. Similar training is also offered through the Butts Institute for individuals.