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Butts Associates is the consultant firm that brings together the best experts in conflict prevention and management. It offers a range of services throughout the territory and in other countries, from training for companies, conflict coaching for individuals, professionals, or managers, disputes mediation, facilitation of planning processes, or consensus creation, facilitation of negotiation processes, to the design of conflict prevention and management systems.


Butts Associates provides services and products tailored to the specific needs of organizations, businesses and individuals.


We bring together expert experience from the best professionals with innovative methods to help our clients improve their skills and achieve their goals.


At Butts Associates we are professionals prepared to act under the criterion of excellence, using the new technologies to serve you. We are expert lawyers, experienced entrepreneurs, mathematicians, retired judges, notaries, architects, doctors and others, working as a team, according to your need.

People: People who work with us are our most valuable resource. We create a space where they feel safe taking personal initiative and innovating, inspiring and encouraging each other, this allowing us to be creative, and grow constantly.
Team: We have common values and goals, rules of respect and open communication. Worth the passionate disagreement, we innovate, transform and improve.
Efficiency: We work smart, skilled and responsible, supported by technology that strengthens and organizes the relationship with customers and the management of our activity.
Leadership: We encourage learning and we have the courage to promote changes that improve quality.
Quality: The needs of our clients, the experience of the research, and our goal of excellence move us towards continuous improvement.
Innovation: We anticipate change, and look for better ways to offer our products and services, and to work in an intelligent way.
Learning We learn from our experience, improving our services, products, and relationships.
Collaboration: Working together the burden is divided, successes multiply, and we gain access to collective genius. We collaborate with individuals, public and private groups on common projects.