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A few good words are worth a thousand swords®



Mediation is used to facilitate a dialogue or negotiation between two or more persons or entities. The objective of mediation can vary because it is linked to the objective of the parties. Some parties seek to close a negotiation with an agreement, others seek to resolve a specific dispute, others want to improve a conflictive situation.


Butts Associates creates a private mediation space to talk and negotiate with the support of an impartial expert. Mediation is voluntary and confidential.


In mediation you listen to different perspectives, you explore the situation and you generate options to find a mutually satisfactory agreement, if you wish. The power to decide ® is yours.

The work of your mediator


At Butts Associates, your mediator is an expert and accredited professional, who directs the conversation and facilitates the parties to share and understand the necessary information and the perspective of the other. Manage tension and help parties manage their expectations.


Your mediator incorporates flexibility and creativity to the process so that the parties look to the future and generate ideas to advance their negotiation or resolve their dispute.


Your mediator provides structure that manages the effectiveness of the dialogue, which in moments can become tense, to maintain a productive conversation. Our mediators are skilled at managing conflict, emotions and negotiation.


How is mediation different from the judicial process?


In mediation, the parties retain control of the result, build their own solution and do not expose themselves to the risk that a judge will not decide in their favor.


In the judicial process, the parties can only deal with matters that proceed judicially, those provided for in the regulations, contracts or agreements. Likewise, the results can only be those provided by law.


In a much shorter time frame, in mediation the parties can discuss all the issues they want, and agree on anything as long as it is not illegal.


The mediation of Butts Associates allows keeping confidential agreements, which is not possible with a court ruling. The judicial process sharpens the dispute, escalating the conflict. In contrast, mediation allows us to repair and protect personal, professional and commercial relationships.



In what areas of activity does Butts Associates offer mediation?


In many contexts, including cases already judicialized, before, during or after the judicial process:


  • Commercial
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Family business
  • Construction
  • Industrial property
  • Intellectual property
  • Banking industry
  • Mortgage
  • Pre bankruptcy
  • Patrimony
  • Family
  • Inheritance
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Homeowners associations
  • Horizontal property/Condominiums
  • Labor relations
  • Workplace disputes


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