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A few well-used words are worth more than a thousand swords®



Mediation at Butts Associates


Butts Associates creates a private mediation space to speak and negotiate with the support of an impartial expert. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. In mediation you listen to the different perspectives, you explore the situation, and you generate options to find a mutually satisfactory agreement, if you wish. The power to decide ® is yours.

What is mediation used for?


Mediation is used to facilitate a dialogue or negotiation between two or more individuals or entities. The purpose of mediation may vary because it is linked to the objective of the parties. Some parties seek to close a negotiation with agreement, others seek to resolve a particular dispute, others want to improve a conflict situation.


A dialogue or negotiation on a contentious issue can get entagled and take months or years to resolve, or never pay off. This is especially true if it is routed through the courts. When the judge’s sentence finally arrives, there is one of the parties (or more) that is not satisfied. So in many situations the conflict continues. You can use mediation to prevent this situation, or unclog disputes and negotiations that are already in place.


We understand each other, but we do not agree…”


In some situations there is no problem of communication or understanding, but the parties come to mediation so that the mediator facilitates their negotiation. In other ways, stalled disputes or negotiations can take months or years to resolve. In mediation, the parties can resolve these same disputes and negotiations in mere hours, days, or weeks.



The work of your mediator


At Butts Associates, your mediator leads the conversation, makes it easier for the parties to share and understand the information needed and the perspective of the other. It manages the tension and helps the parties to manage their expectations.


Your mediator works to incorporate flexibility and creativity into the process, and help the parties look to the future and generate ideas to advance their negotiation or resolve their dispute.


Your mediator does not provide legal advice, nor his opinion*, provides structure that manages the efficacy and effectiveness of the dialogue, which at times can become tense, to maintain a productive conversation.


Our mediators are skilled at managing conflict, emotions and negotiation.


*If the parties want an opinion, they can opt for our Neutral Assisted Negotiation, which is different from mediation. Your mediator does not think or make proposals because he is an impartial third party. At all times your mediator respects the will and self-determination of the parties, not favoring one over the other.



How is mediation different from the judicial process?


In mediation, the parties retain control over the outcome, construct their own solution and do not expose themselves to the risk that a judge will not decide in their favor. In the judicial process, the parties can only deal with matters that proceed judicially, those provided for in the regulations, contract or agreement. Likewise, the results can only be those provided by law. In a much shorter time frame, in mediation the parties can deal with all the topics they want, and agree on anything as long as it is not illegal. For example, in a commercial dispute the parties may agree on payments in kind, or renegotiate terms of a contract.


The mediation of Butts Associates allows to keep the agreements confidential, something that is not possible with a judicial sentence.


The judicial process sharpens the dispute, escalating the conflict. In contrast, mediation allows for the repair and protection of personal, professional and commercial relationships



Who uses Butts Associates mediation?


Individuals, lawyers, partners, large companies, SMEs, and family businesses, organizations, hospitals, public and private entities, educational institutions, associations, NGOs, neighbors, families, and others who want to resolve disputes effectively, or facilitate a process of negotiation.



In what areas of activity does Butts Associates offer mediation?


In commercial, commercial, insurance, health, construction, banking, industrial property, intellectual property, mortgage, pre-bankruptcy, patrimony, family, inheritance, art, sports, community or horizontal property, labor relations, workplace disputes and internal to the company, consumer, criminal, and many others, even in cases already judicialized before, during or after the judicial process.


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