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This is the page of Butts Associates. I hope it will help you to know our services, and also to collect useful resources for your companies and organizations. In this post I describe the formal structure of Butts Associates, International. In future posts we have planned the participation of several authors. These professionals will share clues and guidelines, techniques and strategies, and reflections on a range of topics related to our work for professionals, companies and organizations. We will also give you news about events and events related to this world. If you want to follow our blog, we are delighted that you join us! We invite you to participate, and to ask questions and comments in the section for it in each post.

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The three activities of Butts Associates, International

Butts Associates, International is a company dedicated to the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in a variety of contexts ranging from promoting leadership in managers and improving work teams, to mediate commercial and commercial disputes, design prevention and management programs. conflicts as organizations, and ensure quality and ethics in conflict resolution. Butts Associates, International has three different branches of activity, although they sometimes overlap as you will see later, and can work together. The activities are carried by these three subunits that are part of Butts Associates, Internationa:

Butts Associates:Red A global network of professionals that offer a range of brand services * to people and organizations in the prevention, management, and resolution of internal or external conflicts of the company, as well as in the personal, professional and organizational positive change. You can see the web page here


Butts Institute: A training institution for people and professionals, based in Madrid, that offers brand training * in courses and workshops, in several languages, face-to-face and online, throughout the Spanish territory and in other countries, on topics related to prevention, management and conflict resolution, negotiation, personal skills in these areas, and personal or professional change.

Faro,Observatory for Quality and Ethics in Conflict ResolutionAn independent research and leadership institute, which intervenes to disseminate mediation, and promote quality and ethics in conflict resolution.



*What does “brand” mean?ok

Butts Associates, International maintains through Butts Associates, Butts Institute, and Faro, quality standards, process standards, action protocols, standardized resources, and controls to ensure that the service you receive is consistently of high quality.



What does Butts Associates do?

At Butts Associates we work with companies and organizations in the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts on a personal, professional, team and organizational level. We collaborate with you to evaluate your current situation and explore possibilities to improve it. Sometimes this work is done as a group in a facilitated process. In facilitation, one of our experts in managing the group dialogue helps the group to carry out the meeting to achieve its specific objective. These objectives can be focused on improvements, innovation, identification of problems, consensus building or any objective that you designate.  See examples of facilitation here.
When you or your organization has a specific conflict that you want to resolve, Butts Associates offers you several different processes, including mediation, expert evaluation, and med-arb. You decide which process best meets the demands of the case and the parties involved. You can click on the names of the processes to know more about them.
Butts Associates offers training adapted to the reality of your company or organization, at a general level, of equipment, or personnel for designated persons, in the area of personal and professional skills, leadership, negotiation, and in prevention, management, and conflict resolution. . Here you can see examples of the training that Butts does for organizations.


Esquema Butts Associates

What does Butts Institute do?

Butts Institute offers interactive hands-on training in the areas of personal and professional skills, leadership, negotiation, and prevention, management, and conflict resolution. It offers a wide range of courses and workshops for professionals in the field of conflict resolution, such as lawyers and mediators.
When we say interactive we mean that the classes are dynamic, we interact with the students and we create conversations to advance the knowledge of the subject in a natural way. We put knowledge into practice, solving doubts, and we do the participatory class so you can get the most out of it. You will not be a spectator, you will be an actor!
The difference between the training offered by Butts Institute and the training of Butts Associates in general is the approach and the client. Sometimes the content of a course may be similar or the same, but the training contracted with Butts Associates is private, adapted to the demands of a specific organization. Butts Institute offers a wide range of courses and workshops to the public, with approaches in different professional contexts. Classes have limited places.



What does Faro do?

Faro helps disseminate mediation, and promote quality and ethics in mediation, and in other methods of conflict resolution. Faro’s activities include, among other things, doing research or supporting it, or advising entities or professionals that undertake new projects in mediation. For example, Faro collaborated in a study with the General Council of the Judiciary to gather, through face-to-face interviews with more than 50 judges from Spanish territory, criteria that they use to refer cases to mediation in different jurisdictions. Another example of Faro’s work is the service it provides to organizations and professionals who ask Faro to review their regulations or ethical code.



Summary: The most important

We support you in the way, to the extent, and in the context you need. With you we reap the collective genius so that you innovate, solve and improve. There are many answers, count on us for something equal to, or more important … think about what the questions should be.

“The important thing is not to stop asking.” A. Einstein


For more information about Butts Associates, International and its three activities, call us at 915 047 812, or write us at info@buttsassociates.com
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