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Butts Associates gives you your goal


Facilitation is a process where a professional (or several in collaboration) leads the dialogue in a meeting to achieve the objectives set by the group. The same conversation without a facilitator can last for days or months, or never bear fruit.


We are experts in facilitating meetings to be productive, saving time and effort, promoting creativity and positivity. We improve the way we talk, discuss and share ideas.



In what types of activity is facilitation used?


Our clients use our facilitation to identify problems and develop ideas for improvements, collect information for innovation, identify and plan projects, and also for periodic meetings, strategic planning processes, consensus building processes and other activities, including, for example, the development of a family protocol or the division of inheritances.


Who uses facilitation?


Butts Assciates facilitates meetings for partners, family businesses, SMEs and large companies, multinationals, organizations, hospitals, public and private entities, associations, NGOs … and others who want efficiency and productivity in their meeting.



How many people can participate in a facilitation?


Two or more. Many people and many entities can participate in a facilitation. Depending on the context and the number of people who must participate, Butts Associates will design a process to achieve the goal.


The number of participants depends on the situation. We have facilitated group meetings of 2 to 1,675 people, and participation processes of thousands, for example town meeting, consensus building or community mobilization.


The facilitator is an expert


The facilitator of Butts Associates provides structure and manages the effectiveness of the dialogue, which at times can take the form of a negotiation or dispute between the members of the group.


Our facilitators are experienced mediators trained also in the facilitation process. Some of the techniques for managing conflict, emotions and negotiation are similar to those used by a mediator in mediation. 


The facilitator of Butts Associates leads the dialogue, keeps it focused on the goal, removes barriers in communication and manages conflicts in the group.


A group can meet to talk to each other but sometimes they get stuck or fail to be creative, they deviate from their goal. The facilitator helps them generate ideas and harvest information in an easy and effective way, sometimes drawing ideas for improvements where there seemed to be few, and ensuring everyone’s participation. 



The difference between facilitation and mediation


Facilitation is a different process because in the mediation there is a manifest dispute and we work to solve it. In the facilitation there may be a conflict that the facilitator has to manage, but the objective is another, it is the one that marks the group for the meeting.


The facilitator coordinates the conversation between members of the group who have different opinions, lowering tension in a natural way and weaving the comments of all to make the dialogue flow to achieve the objective of the meeting.


Lego Serious Play®: when creating is playing and playing is productive


Lego Serious Play is a proven facilitation method that increases creativity, flexibility and participation of everyone in the group, in an interesting and fun way.


Through manipulating bricks and figures of Legos®, following instructions of the facilitator, the objective of the group is achieved in a limited time. For example, a single day, the group can get what it can take months to obtain by other methods.


Butts Associates has certified facilitators in Lego Serious Play® in several countries and we can facilitate using LSP in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Danish and French, and in bilingual teams for cross-border facilitation of multinational companies, or work in teams of people who speak different languages


The difference between a dream and an objective is a plan with a deadline.                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Harvey Mackay